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    All our apps are at 0.99$ today. Don't forget to also check our free apps !
    More info and screenshots on our web site Redbits iPhone Apps.

    On sale apps :

    ABContacts iTunes Link
    ABContacts is a full featured contacts manager.
    The advanced features will be very useful to those using the iPhone for business and everyone with a lot of contacts to manage.

    Group Text! iTunes Link
    With Group Text! you can send SMS to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to custom distribution lists that don't affect your groups. You can also create some templates to save time if you send the same text frequently.

    Group Email! with attachments iTunes Link
    With Group Email! you can send email to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to custom distribution lists. You can optionally attach photos, videos, documents, your current location information with map and address, audio clips, pasteboard content and contacts information.
    And if you send the same email text frequently, you can create a template and use it for save typing.

    Hard Awakening iTunes Link
    There are many applications for the iPhone for your sweet awakening. But if you cannot miss an important appointment or you simply need a super alarm clock then Hard Awakening is the application for you. It's great for jokes too with its 70 different sounds. Hard Awakening has many rings, none of which can be ignored. You have to wake up! And now you can even use your iPod Library songs as alarms and even record your own sounds with the microphone !

    Album Covers iTunes Link
    Use Album Covers to rediscover your music.
    Design an album collection by arranging the covers in the way you prefer; Save your creations in the organizer to use them in the future. Listen to your creations! Album Covers will choose and perform random songs from the albums you have inserted.

    Shopping List iTunes Link
    Have you ever gone shopping, bought two or more items you already have, but forgotten to buy what you really need? Shopping List will help you when making shopping lists and when shopping, with many features and a simple interface. You can use Shopping List either as a simple checklist or as a full featured shopping assistant.

    Music Library Quiz iTunes Link iPhone iTunes Link iPad
    Do you really know the music you listen to or do you absently listen to it? Are you a fan who knows everything about his favourite artists? With Music Library Quiz you will test yourself with the songs of your iPod library.

    Free apps:

    SOS LED iTunes Link
    SOS LED is much more than a handy flashlight: it's a useful app to help you deal with many everyday inconveniences or nuisances. SOS LED can emit SOS pulses of either light, sound or both. Discretely sends an email to designated recipients containing a pre-defined text and subject; optionally with your current GPS location and link to Google Maps. Calls a pre-defined phone number.

    Italian Video Recipes iTunes Link iPhone iTunes Link iPad
    Discover the traditional Italian cookery with Italian Video Recipes for iPad.
    Easy but savoury recipes anybody can prepare at home following the instructions and the videos which detail, step by step, all the operations, even the simpler ones.
    12-21-2010 02:47 AM
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    wow, i like it
    12-22-2010 07:43 PM
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    Don't listen to him! He's Italian! He doesn't even know good food!!!

    haha, j/k! ABContacts is a great app!
    12-23-2010 07:47 AM