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    Hi! I want to introduce you one of the best ways to discover new music and listen to it.
    For absolutely free you get access to one of the most full music database in the world,
    because we combine several music services in one iPhone application.

    With SimplePlayer you can search and listen to mostly every artist and song for free.
    If you liked a song, share it with your friends via popular social networks or E-Mail.
    Even if you don't know what to search, just listen to Top 100 charts of different popular radio stations.
    iOS 4 backgrounding and iPhone 4 Retina display are also supported!

    Top 100 charts of popular radio stations
    Easy-to-use powerful artist and song search
    Specially designed top bar for controlling playback
    Sharing songs via E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter using smplr.in web service
    Full iOS 4 support including multitasking, background audio playback/control and iPhone 4 Retina Display
    Reverse support for iOS 3.x

    iTunes Link: Get it for FREE!
    12-20-2010 02:54 AM

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