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    Merry Christmas !!!!

    Did MR. Santa Claus come to your house? he is the personification of Christmas, he has a long white beard, with a kindly smile, everyone makes a lot of wishes for old Santa Claus.

    Now you can take MR, Santa Claus home! he is the best Santa there ever was int he whole world, he can talk to you, perform magic for you, play snowball fight with you, dance for you , or ridding on the sleigh pulled by reindeers…fly to the Moon……….. all these fun are in your iphone/ipad/ipod touch.

    He is a fun and interactive character for your Christmas. You can record your own voice ,and he will repeat everything you say, you also can share them on Twitter, Facebook or send them to your friends and family by email.

    1.kick his right feet, he will put his feet out of his shoes
    2.kick his left feet, he will threw a snowball at the screen
    3,tap his right hand, he will jump and threw a snowball
    4.tap his left hand, he will show his cool hairstyle with his hat off
    5.kick his head, you will knock him down
    6.tap his abdominal,he will dancing for you
    7.sweep the screen from top to bottom, he will laugh loudly
    8.and there are 5 extra animations beside, first is, he will performs magic for you ,and he will turn into a deer
    9.the second is he will turn into a snowman
    10.the third is , rain a candy and he take it
    11.the forth one is , he will leave on by sledging
    12.threw him a snowball

    -Record your voice
    -Repeat your voice
    -High Quality and Realistic Graphics
    -High Quality Audio
    -Easy Navigation
    -Share on Twitter Facebook and Email

    Fun for everyone! Kids, adults, friends, co-workers, and more. Everyone

    May Santa Claus brings us more happiness and hope!

    IPHONE: Talking Santa ļ¼¨ Merry Christmas for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
    IPAD: Talking Santa ļ¼¨ Merry Christmas HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    12-19-2010 09:47 PM
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    12-21-2010 01:58 AM