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    RATING: 4/5 Stars


    The Tonido App allows you to access your Tonido software or your TonidoPlug from anywhere you have an Internet connection. If you already know what the Tonido software is, you can skip to the review below.

    Dont know what Tonido is? Tonido allows you to access and share ALL of your desktops files, documents, photos, music and videos from any where through a web browser or your smartphone. No Uploading, No Storage Limits. Free. This free software installs on you home computer.
    Whats a a TonidoPlug? It does mostly the same thing as above, but instead of installing the software on your computer, the TonidoPlug is a small dedicated unit that already has the software installed on it. All you need to is add is a USB hard drive or thumb drive to store your files on.


    Video: http://vimeo.com/15679068

    The application was highly anticipated & I believe they did a fairly good job on their first version.

    The login screen asks for your login URL (server), you account user name (automatically filled in), your password & your remote password. Once thats done, you set. Closing the application does not log you out of the application unless you manually log out. Id like to see a feature in the future that allowed you to decide if it automatically logged you out each time you closed the app or kept you logged in (like it currently does.)

    Logging in gives you access to the usual file access you are used to seeing when youre exploring your files. I found that most files were easily accessible that are natively viewable on the iPhone Microsoft word, excel, power point files; txt files, .png, .jpeg, .jpg image files; however, .gif image files were not viewable. Not sure if the iphone can natively view these type of files.PDF, RTF, MP4 and other video files that can normally play on the iPhone were easily playable.

    As for the interface in viewing the different files, viewing documents & PDFs were just like the native view the whole document will have to download before viewing it. Also at anytime you can easily create directlories (folders) by tapping the + in the lower-right corner.

    Viewing videos (compatible ones of course) were also viewable, but did not need to download the whole file before viewing it. You can literally stream it to the device. Of course, the Tonido software is not capable of doing a LIVE conversion of video to stream to your device like the AirVideo app does (of course you can easily set up AirVideo to access the same files as your Tonido software :) )

    When displaying photos, they are displayed in the upper-left corner, not centered & have a white border around it. It nearly looks like an image on a web page rather than a native photo viewer. I hope this can be changed in a future version.

    Photos also display thumbnails when viewing the file listing for added viewing convenience.

    A nice feature that is added to the app, is the ability to upload photos directly to your Tonido software or TonidoPlug.

    You of course also have the ability to share the file after uploading. Sharing files isnt limited to just photos, you can easily share any file or folder by tapping on the shar icon to the right of a file (in the file listing). The app will also give you the option to e-mail the link, SMS the link or copy it to clipboard. (see video for more details).

    Lastly, playing music. Unlike the ability to create playlists on your computer in the Tonido interface and only being capable of playing those specific playlist in the web interface, you can pick & choose what sing you want to play. However, you are limited to what in the file folder. For instance, I have my music grouped by artist, then by album, so if I play a song in an album, after the song is over, itll play the nest song in the folder you cannot play playlists in the app.

    The actual player works very well, once a song ends, the next song in-line plays. The only thing missing here is the normal back buttin in the upper-left corner its not there. You must tap on the stop button to exit the music player.

    The one main thing I thought that was missing & something Id really love to see in the app, is the ability to search (and possible caching to make the searching easier) and also the ability to edit permissions to the files you decide to share as they are automatically set to default public permissions when sharing files/folders. Lastly while this app is meant for the iPhone it is capable of running on the iPad as well using the iOS 4.2 update.

    4/5 Stars Stars
    12-18-2010 10:34 PM
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    Thumbnails may get in large size while viewing and in ascending order.
    12-19-2010 07:27 AM
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    As you know, I am a big DropBox fan. It has been a great way to:
    - get documents to my iPhone (and now iPad)
    - sync docs between home and work
    - version control for documents
    - share docs using tiny urls

    My brother has loads of $$$ and likes MobileMe.

    However, both store data outside in the US. FIPPA (privacy law) in BC prohibits public institutions from storing other people's personal information outside of Canada, so I have been looking for an alternative. I started down the SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV to home or work pc, but then came across Tonido

    Anyone else have experience with this? It is free, stores stuff on your home machine, facilitates easy (direct) connection to home pc's via the web or mobile Apps, runs on Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, etc.

    So how secure is it (it kinda kracks open your entire HD to the web)? How can we be sure data isn't stored in the US? I appreciate that there is no sync or version control (that is ok i have time machine)

    Chime in !

    - d
    04-30-2011 06:10 PM
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    Alas - When you first set it up, it defaults to using "Tonido Relay Service" which is plug-and-play, BUT routes all your data through the Tonido servers.

    (once installed on your Mac you will find it here: )

    Sadly, You need to turn Tonido Relay Service OFF, and(on the same web page):
    1 - activate tonido web access
    2 - activate tonido network settings

    then set up port forwarding on your router (find its address in your network settings. google around to get its password):
    3 - port forward tcp 10001 to your local machine's ip

    router port configuration instructions can be found here:
    Port Forwarding Instructions By Router Type

    Finally, now you are stuck leaving your Mac 'on' all the time. You will want to set tonidomac to start on login (just right-click on the icon in the dock and find "open at login" under "options")
    04-30-2011 07:13 PM

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