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    Hello. I made an application for you. Realy. It can help you to write to LiveJournal.com, read friends' posts and do other cool things.

    Ladies and gentlemen, i know, you are all the best. I send you a promo-code, but u need to write a review. OK? Just send me a message!)

    OR u can buy it and help me - Vita in App Store

    iTunes description:

    Vita is an application for blog conducting on LiveJournal.com, it is a way to express the thoughts irrespective of where you are at home or in the subway, on the way to work or in convenient bed. There was an interesting idea for a post? OK, open Vita and write to the blog. Add tags to record, make the text style as bold, italic, insert references, pictures (by the way, pictures it is possible to load unlimited quantity). Everything that you need currently.
    Very often during day the interesting thought comes, we speak to ourselves: Though not to forget. Great idea! And as often it happens, we forget it. Long it will proceed? No, certainly! It is necessary to buy Vita now, and at any moment you can share the thoughts in the blog.

    Here those possibilities which are already in this first version Vita. In following updatings I will consider your offers and I will add new functions.

    √ Text formatting: bold, italic, underlined, crossed.
    √ An insert LiveJournal tags, and also references and pictures.
    √ Possibility to load unlimited quantity of pictures from your photo album.
    √ Change publication date.
    √ A tape of friends. A convenient and pleasant way to esteem posts of friends to add the comment, to participate in theme discussion.
    √ A tab "Starred" where it is possible to add any post for friends. Here it will be always accessible to you, even if there will be no Internet.
    √ Dialogue with users LiveJournal through messages both reading of messages, and their writing.
    Also at Vita the excelent and convenient interface. It is assured, you will like to use to it.
    12-18-2010 01:59 PM
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    REALY? No people who want a promo-code?
    12-20-2010 06:48 AM

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