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    Download url: LostPixels HD

    LostPixels HD is free for a limited time. Go get it and enjoy it!

    A fantastic 3D pixel puzzle game!!!
    The 2D pixels are lost in a 3D space! Just touch and move them to recreate a whole image.
    The game has 2 modes: FreeMode and TimeMode.
    FreeMode: No time limit or target, just enjoy yourself.
    TimeMode: Clear levels as more as possible in limited time. Challenge yourself!
    More than 300 levels are waiting for you.
    LostPixels is openfeint enabled.
    Try it and compete with your friends!

    1.Touch and move the pixels with your finger to rotate them
    2.Rotate the pixels until they match the image in the upper left corner.
    3.click the star in the lower left corner and move it to the center to get the answer.

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    Customer Reviews

    Once you "get it" it's a great app
    by Kidmo99-Version 1.0 - Jul 27,2010

    I wouldn't call this a puzzle game. It's almost like a toy and a puzzle game. At first, I didn't understand. Then I couldn't put it down. Will need more puzzles. You have a bunch of pixels in 3d. You have to spin the object just right in order to bring the pixels into proper formation to form the object. Fun game, toy, puzzle whatever. Try it.

    by jubal.hoo-Version 1.0 - Jul 28,2010

    This is a very good relaxing game.
    When you want to relax, play it.
    It will give you more fun and more fun.
    I can't help loving it.

    by Kevin7321-Version 1.0 - Aug 1,2010

    I grabbed this game for my daughters initially, thinking it would be good for younger kids, and they absolutely love it. My wife and I are enjoying it almost as mmuch ourselves. I love how sometimes the image will coome into focus but be upside down or sideways;makes it more challenging and the devs even added an in-app help system so that young kids aren't frustrated with harder pixel images as the game progresses. Definately worth having in the library-4 stars from me, 5 stars form the kids, well done.


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