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    ▣ Free Video Call - Realtime Cartoon Video Call & Cartoon SMS

    "Hello Toon" is a program designed to provide Social Networking Services based on Cartoon Rendering in smartphones.

    "Hello Toon" provides cartoon animation video, audio and SMS services simultaneously, offering the differentiated communication service.

    * Merits
    - Existing video-call services transmit real images to the other user directly. Therefore people using those service often feel uncomfortable with thier real figures exposed to other people.

    - In other to reduce such burden, "Hello Toon" converts the real images of the users into cartoon-animation versions in real time before they transmit the images.

    - "Hello Toon" does not require any registration and log-in process, because it provides the video-call service based on its own Toon Code.

    - After starting the "Hello Toon" application, you can chat with other people by clicking twice at least. And after about one minute or two, you can chat people around the world immediately.
    12-16-2010 12:48 AM
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    12-16-2010 04:20 AM

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