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    I've just launched a true nightvision app for iPhone 3GS + 4 and iPod (with camera). This is true, realtime nightvision enhancement using the camera, not simply a torch or gimmicky green filter like most of the other "nightvision" apps out there.

    It's going live around the world at the moment, and will be available here: iTunes Store (try after midnight if it's not available in your country yet!)

    It runs at HD (1280x720) resolution on iphone 4, at 25fps, with high quality nightvision enhancement and up to 8x zoom.

    Here's a video of it in action (in dark conditions, you can see at the beginning the iPhone I'm recording with sees nothing but black and a couple of distant lights):

    Of course, it's impossible for this to work in pitch black conditions, but it DOES work in quite dark conditions, and it can show an image where the iPhone's Camera app can see nothing but blackness. It can also take a decent photo when it's too dark for the Camera app.

    There's a gallery with some screenshots and photos taken with True Nightvision here: MobileMe Gallery
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    12-15-2010 08:43 PM

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