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    From the founder of Shazam, comes DriveMeCrazy, THE app for drivers (and safe to use)

    It just launched on Tuesday and here is some press that has already come out:
    LA Times Newspaper (Did that driver just cut you off? Report him with DriveMeCrazy mobile app | Technology | Los Angeles Times)
    KTLA Television News (East Los Angeles: Eric Spillman in East Los Angeles showcases new iPhone app called 'Drive Me Crazy' - ktla.com - video on BOTTOM)

    App URL: DriveMeCrazy for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store


    DriveMeCrazy released for iPhone
    New app by Shazam founder aims at making our roads saferand more attractive

    Philip Inghelbrecht, founder of the successful music recognition app, Shazam, today announced the launch of his newest app, DriveMeCrazy. Initially available on the iPhone, the app is free and allows users to report bad or aggressive driving behavior by fellow motorists. DriveMeCrazy requires just one touch to activate a recording feature, allowing the user to simply speak in the license plate of the offending vehicle.
    The AAA Foundation says that aggressive driving behavior is the cause of more than half of the 6 million automobile crashes that occur in the US every year. We believe that bad driving comes from a feeling of motorist anonymity, says Inghelbrecht. Currently drivers believe only police officers can report them. As a result, there is inadequate peer pressure to avoid aggressive or dangerous driving. DriveMeCrazy lets anyone on the road report bad driving safely and easily. Our goal is to empower every driver to make our roads safer.
    Once a driver has been flagged, a user can write a ticket that reports details of the driving offense, leave an audio message for the other driver, share their flag on Twitter and Facebook and look up the drivers previous record on DriveMeCrazy. Data collected from usage of the app is submitted to the DMV, insurance companies and local law enforcement. In the future, Inghelbrecht hopes that data from DriveMeCrazy will provide valuable insight for setting insurance premiums. Today, insurance companies use proxy data that often places consumers in the wrong category of risk, says Inghelbrecht. Someones marital status, education level, home ownership and credit score do not directly speak to how well that person drives. DriveMeCrazy can provide real data on drivers behavior on the road as observed by fellow motorists and not readily available from any other source.
    There are also fun, social aspects to the app, like the feature that allows users to flirt or connect with their fellow motorists. Instead of flagging a bad driver, users can also rate a driver on a scale of hotness or niceness. Users can then send a picture, their e-mail address and leave them a message to compliment or connect with them.

    About DriveMeCrazy
    Based in San Francisco, DriveMeCrazy (DriveMeCrazy) was founded by Philip Inghelbrecht, one of the founders in Shazam, a Kleiner Perkins funded company that brings mobile music recognition to millions of people worldwide. Advisors in the company include Ewin Barnett (founder of CARFAX), David Lee (former Chief Business Officer at ChoicePoint), Robert Wooley (former Louisiana State Insurance Commissioner), Gary Clayton (Chief Creative Officer at Nuance) and Lior Strahilevitz (Deputy Dean at the University of Chicago Law School and author of 'How's My Driving?' for Everyone (and Everything?), NYU Law Review). The companys long-term vision is to reduce the number of accidents stemming from bad or aggressive driving and make our roads safer.
    12-15-2010 08:19 AM