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    You are shown items to memorize in a certain amount of time, then the screen flips over and you will need to remember the items that were in the initial scenario.
    You have 60 seconds to complete the level and there are distracters (other items that weren't in the initial scenario to confuse you)
    The first 2 levels are pretty easy- and as the game keeps going, you have a shorter amount of time in each scenario to memorize the items.
    It truly is a test of memory and skill, as there are 10 levels to complete.
    Kill time as well as your brain cells! Try to memorize the objects that were present. Requires concentration, it is fun to play though.
    Game play gets tricky fast. However, for those

    who want to preserve some brain cells should take a break before going any further with the game. It is out in the App Store; Dinoroar Interactive latest product! Highly recommend!
    You can buy, download and sync the iPhone game application to your iPhone via the App Store...
    The game memory loss is now available in the android marketplace for $2.99AUD , memory loss will be on sale for 2 weeks from 4th Dec- 18th December at $2.99USD ( 25% off its original price of $3.99USD)

    If you have any more questions or if you wish to learn more about the developers you can simply visit "dinoroar(dot)com...
    12-15-2010 07:04 AM