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    Wow! What a great time and great year to share the moment with whom you love

    Every one loves Christmas light and snow. Add Beautiful SNOW and glowing LIGHT into your background photo for this year. You can use existing photos or take new ones to add your special moment selection.

    Key Feature
    Snowy Camera
    1. Tap or drag your finger on the screen to create snow flakes falling down
    2. Use your camera to capture the moment of joy and fun to create your own wallpaper on your iPhone. Capture that happy moment with your special one, add snow and save it as wallpaper
    3. Add glowing lights with multiple colors on camera snow and photo album then save it as wallpaper
    4. Play wonderful music to complete your special moment
    5. Have fun decorating multiple backgrounds images with lights and snow and save them.

    Tickle Santa:
    Do you like to tickle people off and have fun laughing your breath away. Tickle Santa is fun. Just move your finger on the screen and you will hear Santa laughing and his body shacking. Share the season joy!

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    12-14-2010 12:13 AM