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    Hey Everyone at TIPB!
    Moyo Studios are glad to be here and we are thrilled to present our latest high profile game to you:

    Finally available on the App Store!

    This is your final chance for redemption. Its time to join the fight. The year is 2250 and after five years of inter planetary war, and an escape into exile on the planet Venus, a disgraced warrior and ex-Marine of the Solar Alliance, Sam Narayan, now must fight against her former military leadership to lead the colonists back to independence. Help Sam maneuver through different missions while she battles against multiple types of enemies using a variety of weapons. Unlock secret codes and purchase upgrades during Sam's battle as you climb to the top of the leader board against other fighters.

    The game offers non-stop action in an open world with a strategy component for completing every mission level. This game features 16 thrilling missions, 5 secret missions, 4 enemy types and 9 upgrades. During each mission there will be a variety of clues and hints that must be compiled for success. Each time you destroy an enemy your point total increases and you move closer to winning the war. Each time you die, you lose a percent of your point total as a repair fee.... may the best fighter win. Its time to fight for your independence.

    *** We recently updated the game to get rid of the initial crashes aswell as improve the action in the game. Runs all smooth now! ***

    Itunes link: CHECK IT OUT!

    Official Game Trailer:
    12-13-2010 05:19 AM