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    You might sometimes get frustrated as you can't find a calculator on iPad which is both powerful and easy to use as the Casio Fx or the Texas Instrument's ones. Your solution, SciCal - GRAPHIC SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR on iPad has just been launched yesterday by Epsilon Mobile Pte Ltd: SciCal - Scientific Calculator for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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    SciCal is a multi-purpose scientific & graphing calculator suitable for everyone, especially who work heavily with math and science. SciCal is designed with extremely friendly text-input technology similar to TI or Casio FX calculators, targeting both scientific and casual users. The most important capability of SciCal is plotting and manipulating graphs of the several functions at the same time. Users can also retrieve recent formulas and results from the built-in history memory to put back in the current calculation. A comprehensive documentation is included to explain every thing you need to know about the functions within SciCal.

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    + Intelligent Text-Input Technology: auto correct invalid formula, such as sin(4 -> sin(4); 5Ans -> 5*Ans
    + Support all common-used arithmetic, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.
    + Support common-used constants such as PI, e.
    + Support number from -1.7 E308 to +1.7E308 with 15 digits accuracy.
    + Plot & manipulate graphs of several functions at a time.
    + Display the coordinate plane in Grid Mode.
    + Check and reuse your old expressions.
    + Elegant, stylish design with multi-line, large display, toggle buttons, floating panels and graph-style keyboards.
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    12-12-2010 03:49 AM