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    Zombix - it`s a great combination of well-known and univerce love TETRIS base, interesting comic story about the little baby Ellie, that one day met ugly zombies and....
    Protect yourself!
    Kill all zombies!
    Make lines!
    Get bonus!
    Read story!
    It`s all ZOMBIX)))
    It`s very easy, it`s fascinating and good time wasting thing.
    Each shoot from little baby Ellie (at left-side screen) turn zombie into the figure, that dropping down - under the ground))) Make more lines - get more score, became THE FIRST in GameCenter)
    Make rows with zombies bodies to get points, bomb them in case of emergency and try to survive under huge zombie wave!!!

    Zombix also integrates for IPAD.
    Try it, u won`t be disappointed!)
    Read&Play 6 rising difficulty levels and cute comic story about little baby Ellie)))

    BTW, it`s real truth story - people searching for little baby Ellie for a long time:
    12-11-2010 03:09 PM