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    Aces Cribbage Link


    Fifteen for 2, fifteen for 4, and a Pair for 6! With Aces Cribbage you can hone your cribbage skills anywhere, even when youre on the go. Aces Cribbage offers tons game options, including multiple counting styles, varying game speeds, and many different background combinations. With so many options, everyone can enjoy cribbage the way they like!

    With three difficulty levels this game can be enjoyed by players of any skill, from first time players to veterans. In-game tutorials, hints, and a glossary help new players learn the rules and strategies of cribbage. To top it all off, the amazing graphics and realistic AI make this game fun and challenging for everyone, while the statistics and online leaderboards make it easy to compete against your friends for the title of Cribbage Master.

    ♦♦♦ FEATURES♦♦♦

    Apple Game Center for supported phones
    Multiple ways to count your hand, including fast, slow, and auto count
    Online Leaderboards: daily, weekly and overall
    Separate Easy, Medium, and Hard Leaderboards
    Setting for the number of games to win a series
    Option for Muggins
    Hundreds of variations of cribbage boards, pegs, and card design combinations
    New user tutorials and hints
    Glossary of commonly used Cribbage terms
    Tracks tons of statistics
    Competitive AI
    12-09-2010 03:11 PM
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    Nice! I've been looking for a good Cribbage game that works with Game Center!
    12-09-2010 05:53 PM