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    The Wishing Well Popup Movie and Game named
    HOT APP OF THE WEEK by MSNs The Surf Report

    Rod Maxwells award-winning childrens film The Wishing Well is now a fully interactive iPad app entitled The Wishing Well Popup Movie and Game

    HOLLYWOOD, Dec 8, 2010 - Soon after award-winning filmmaker and special effects artist Rod Maxwell transformed his critically-acclaimed childrens film The Wishing Well into a fully interactive iPad app called The Wishing Well Popup Movie and Game, MSNs The Surf Report names the new release HOT APP OF THE WEEK.

    The Wishing Well Popup Movie and Game includes the The Wishing Well film, a popup book, and a game based on the film. Children of all ages can try their luck at tossing coins into the magical well while avoiding the film's evil mechanical turtles. The success of the iPad app inspired Maxwell to create a standalone game for the iPhone entitled The Wishing Well Game.

    Rod Maxwell has never minded rolling up his creative sleeves to bring his ideas to life. In The Wishing Well," Maxwells first film, he not only plays all of the films 26 characters, he created all of the prosthetics, fatsuits, and virtual sets. He self-applied all the makeup, shot, edited, and created the effects for the project. Maxwell's efforts paid off when the film won BEST ANIMATED FILM at the Boston International Film Festival, and was a special selection for the Childrens film festival at Comic-Con 2010.

    And when it came to bringing The Wishing Well to the iPad, Rod didnt hesitate tackling the project with the same spirit as he did for the movie, I always wished I could make a popup book and game based on my film. Then earlier this year, Apple announced the iPad. It was such an exciting new product it triggered that burning drive to create. So I sat down and taught myself everything I needed to know to make my idea a reality. I created all the graphics, animations, and wrote the programming to bring it to life. Several months later I submitted my app to Apple for review. I was shocked how fast Apple approved it".

    Maxwell tested the waters a year earlier when he created Happy The Melancholy Sausage," a silly dancing sausage photo app for the iPhone. The process taught him the dos and donts of getting an app approved at Apple. Getting The Wishing Well app approved was so much easier than Happy The Melancholy Sausage, thank goodness, says Maxwell. Now seeing parents and their kids get engrossed in 'The Wishing Well (Popup Movie and Game)' together makes the long hours of sitting hunched over my laptop, downing gallons of coffee at my local Starbucks, absolutely worth it".

    MSNs The Surf Report selected Maxwells app The Wishing Well Popup Movie and Game as HOT APP OF THE WEEK at Thanksgiving.

    About Rod Maxwell: Multimedia producer and director living in Los Angeles California. His work has included feature films, music videos, and interactive installations. His apps The Wishing Well Popup Movie and Game, The Wishing Well Game and Happy The Melancholy Sausage are currently available on The App Store.
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