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    Birdsoft is pleased to announce the release of its newest iOS application, Jot List. Jot List is a checklist, todo list, grocery list, generic list app with great features including Dropbox backup, 5 list types, and BUMPing to share and merge lists. And all built in a super clean and easy to use interface to designed to get you in and out.

    Made a grocery list on your phone and want you husband to have it. Just bump his phone and he will receive your list on his device. Did he check off what he did get and add a couple things. He just bumps it back and your list merges with his.

    And we already have a new version submitted to Apple with more. Sublists so you can indent sub-items, Text Expander support, and it will be a Universal iPad/iPhone release.

    So check out Jot List today and remember all those little things.

    So Jot it down quick.

    Jot List.

    12-08-2010 01:54 PM

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