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    iTunes: vText for iPhone on the iTunes App Store
    Web: vText | Kung Fu Rabbits, LLC

    The best way available to send and receive SMS on the iPhone.

    Just say tell Jason Ill meet you at Starbucks in 15minutes or reply to Jasons conversation by saying Ill meet you at Starbuck in 15 minutes and your voice will automatically be transcribed to text and sent to Jason! What could be more easy when youre on the go?

    vText is the easiest to use voice to text SMS application on the market!

    Key features include:

    • Unlimited voice transcriptions
    • Unlimited SMS to all your contacts (U.S., only)
    • Uses the most accurate free-form transcription service available
    • Recipients are not required to have vText
    • Use contact nickname or full name
    • Typing ability if youre in a place where you cant speak out loud
    • Private and secure since it uses computers to convert messages, not humans
    • Messages sent from your phone number @vtxt.mobi so recipients know who you are (other services provide a random phone number for this)
    12-06-2010 12:52 PM

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