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    Introducing Pufi the Bear!

    Pufi the Bear had a wonderful day at the fair. But he woke up in the middle of the night and saw a bright light! "What is it," he wondered.

    Enjoy a wonderful bedtime story, the first in the Pufi the Bear series. Designed for pre-school children, Pufi the Bear will make bedtime fun and educational. The adorable Pufi will teach your pre-schooler about cause-and-effect relationships as well as introducing them to the concepts of night and day. Either at home or on the go, your children will enjoy this story.

    Available in English and Turkish, this story introduces your children to different languages at an early age. Stay tuned for more languages and adventures.

    Check it out at Pufi

    Brought to you by a joint venture between BonBon Publications and BerKora Technologies, LLC.

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