1. MooPenguin32's Avatar
    I just purchased an iPad and have some iPhone games that I would like to play on it. Is there a way to transfer the game save data from the iPhone to the iPad?
    11-30-2010 12:20 PM
  2. uhanrodric's Avatar
    Yes. Kind of. You would have to be jailbreaked however to do so. You can JB to SSH transfer the files from the application folder on the iPhone to the iPad.

    And yes. It is as annoying as it sounds, as the folders aren't actually named.

    Ps. Congrats on the iPad, and welcome to the family!
    11-30-2010 12:27 PM
  3. uhanrodric's Avatar
    If you decide you're into going for it...here's the how to SSH into your iphone (also works for ipad) guide. iclarified ssh guide
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    11-30-2010 12:40 PM
  4. MooPenguin32's Avatar
    I was afraid that there wouldn't be an easy way to do it. Thanks for your help. I'll just opt to leave my iPad as-is and live with it.
    12-01-2010 12:13 PM
  5. darklords's Avatar
    I just changed my iphone3gs to 4. My save data is all gone.
    12-03-2010 06:13 AM
  6. erikduop's Avatar
    I have several games on my iPhone, for example, Final Fantasy 1 and 2. I recently got an iPad, and I wanted to play these titles on the larger screen. Both apps work fine, and look great on the iPad, but my saved games did not get transferred onto it.

    12-08-2010 04:52 AM
  7. Sentactio's Avatar
    I'd like to know how to do this as well.
    12-09-2010 12:16 PM