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    Hello TiPb! We're new around here but we were told this was the place to mention our new alarm clock app.

    it's called Better clock and it's universal but mainly aimed at iPad.

    Better clock was designed from the ground up to use iOS 4.2 to make the best alarm clock on iPad.
    Better Clock uses Background audio to allow you to fall asleep to not just your own music library but ANY app that supports background audio like pandora or last.fm.
    Waking up also uses 4.2 features. We use Background audio and local notifications to make sure that your alarm WILL go off, even in the background. And the large user-friendly interface gets out of your way by putting as few taps as possible between setting your alarms and going to sleep. Designed to be a nightstand alarm clock replacement, It also runs great on your iPod or iPhone as a travel clock you can rely on, no matter what timezones you cross. Just keep your iPhone on local time, and Better Clock's alarms will go off at the correct local time.
    Better Clock is built using iOS 4.2 to make a simple clock, simply better.

    thanks! we hope you like it.

    Better Clock on the App Store

    11-29-2010 04:43 PM
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    adding some promo codes here if anyone wants to try it out.


    11-30-2010 08:06 AM