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    I am a little confused and figured maybe the tipb crowd may know the answer to this question.

    I was watching the keynote introducing the iPad and I was initially excited about the NY Times app; . It was one of the many apps presented that day that gave me the urge to get an iPad day one (the NY Times is one of my favorite media source..next to tipb of course). Granted it was a beta application, but was surprised when Editors Choice was released. It was nowhere near the quality of the app that was presented at the Apple Event. I was hoping that the App released in October would reflect the app that was presented at the Apple Event, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. This newer app is slow, manages to crash a lot, and is missing some of the features that was initially presented at the Apple event.

    Does anybody know what happened? I have been wondering if many companies have decided to limit their focus on iPad apps and simply focus on marketing people to their web pages instead; after all, the iPad is compared to a computer. I know Facebook made a similar decision and am wondering if more companies like Facebook may be making the same decision; focus on apps for smartphone's rather than tablets.
    11-21-2010 05:17 PM