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    Hi to all,

    TrickMaker is the perfect app for make "Trick" on your friend's computer, in the office or even to your girlfriend simply from your iPhone/iPod Touch.

    TrickMaker is the incredible application that turns your iPhone/iPod into a remote control for computer that allows you to take possession of a friend's PC, and remotely administer it by choosing from a large number of "Trick" provides.

    Some Tricks available:

    - Move the mouse cursor
    - Show ScreenSaver
    - Open and close the panel programs simulates pressing the Windows Start
    - Switch off for two the second monitor
    - Chat between iPhone/iPod
    - Open \ Close the sliding of the CD or DVD
    - Reverse the mouse buttons
    - Press the right \ left mouse
    - Get a screenshot from the PC
    - Playing sounds nice as Fart, Burp, etc. .. from PC
    - Beep Speaker
    - Text to Speeh, convert your text into voice and play it from PC with many voice available.

    and many others.

    The operation is very simple, you download and launch from the computer of your friend TrickMaker client for PC (no installation required, TrickMaker is a standalone tool ), free downloadable from the website TrickMaker, and put PinCode provided by the Client Windows into TrickMaker Client for iPhone / iPod Touch. That's it, now you're ready to drive anyone crazy or prove to possess magical qualities.

    Requirements for operation:

    1. TrickMaker client for Windows (XP, Vista, Seven). Free download from TrickMaker

    2. TrickMaker client app for iPhone / iPod Touch with internet connection (WiFi or 3G)

    Video of app:

    In App store

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    This could be either really funny....or really creepy!
    11-24-2010 10:42 AM
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    No app in the app store or video on Youtube.
    11-24-2010 11:02 AM