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    Crazy Weather for iPad on the iTunes App Store:

    The weather is crazy!
    Do you think you can´t do anything to improve the planet? Now your iPad gives you the opportunity to teach the little ones in your house that caring for the Earth is one of mankind’s most important tasks, and we can all help.

    Written in rhyme with hilarious interactive options, this fairy tale addresses an important and difficult topic: climate change.
    Cute and simple, a child goes to the park in his neighborhood and realizes that something is wrong. On each page, he analyzes the situation and reaches a basic conclusion.

    • Interactivity
    Each page holds secrets to discover. The idea is that your child can display his curiosity, investigating and wondering at every one of them. Of course, every element has to do with the content of the story and aims to give a positive and hopeful vision of the problems we are experiencing.

    • Recording Panel
    Your children are too young to read? That's not a problem, let them hear the story recorded in your voice!
    It's very simple, just select "Recording Mode" and a standard recording panel will appear (rec, play, delete, etc). You can record, listen, delete and try again if you don’t like the recording. Once you have recorded every page, your children can listen to the story with your voice and learn to read at the same time.
    11-12-2010 11:51 AM

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