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    Hey everybody, we at Metaversal Studios just released an update to our high-speed veggie peeling game Peel It for the iPhone and iPod Touch! "Peel It" challenges the player to peel a variety of produce in a race against the clock. With OpenFeint support you can peel your way to a spot on our High Score leaderboards.

    Our new update to Peel It Version 1.1 adds three new Thanksgiving-themed fall seasonal veggies: a yam, a yellow squash and a buttery corn on the cob with kernel action!

    We really love this new update so we've decided to share it with you guys by giving away ten free promo codes! Want one? All you have to do is post a reply on this thread saying you'd like a code and before you know it you'll have a Private Message from me with your Peel It promo code included.

    As always we welcome any feedback and love to get reviews, although if you experience a bug or crash email us to let us know so we can try and fix it rather than posting a negative review, please!

    For more about our games, visit Metaversal Studios | Twitter | Facebook
    11-12-2010 10:59 AM