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    Some comments made by high level players in Kongregate site:
    "Very cool. Despite being so simple, it was still entertaining and challenging not only via reflex but also having to figure out what each 'level' required. Impressive game design to say the least."
    JohnnyWalkerBlak (player level: 27), Oct.27, 2010

    "Brilliant storyline. 5/5"
    Hokage4354 (player level: 62), Oct.28, 2010

    "You really hit the jackpot of minimalism here. You give the player a simple instruction (one button) and make him/her find almost all the mechanics himself. Seriously addictive. 5/5"
    Edeslash (player level: 31), Oct.25, 2010

    "it's hard to come up with games these days that are simple and yet fun/addictive due to the fact that everyone wants to see everything more realistic with graphics just constantly gettin better thats why im giving this 5 *'s cause if anyone else can come up with a very simple game that is actually as good as this i'd like to see it"
    viperthief (player level: 32), Oct.28, 2010

    "Brilliant idea, brilliant coding, brilliant execution. One of the true 5/5 games on Kong."
    TerryS (player level: 33), Oct.29, 2010

    "This game is just like a paper clip, simple, and fun. Well the paper clip might not be fun unless you bend it a little. But this game is fun, simple and shows how simple it is to make a game, however not how simple it is to get a simple and good idea."
    thehuntetshadow (player level: 22), Oct.28, 2010

    "I thought no game could be simpler then Pong. I guess I was wrong."
    Salad170 (player level: 15), Oct.29, 2010

    "Surprisingly entertaining. Just goes to show, it isn't always graphics that make a game."
    The5thRaven (player level: 7), Oct.27, 2010

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    (October 29, 2010)
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