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    Holiday Advent Calendar HD - Now featured in the iTunes store in the Entertainment category (iPad apps) New and Noteworthy Section

    To celebrate being in New and Noteworthy we're lowering the price temporarily to $.99!

    Thanks for your interest! Check out our iTunes page by searching for "holiday advent calendar hd" in the iTunes store (you'll know you found us as our app icon is a bright yellow background with a pink ornament...yah baby, no traditional boring Christmas colors here!)

    Do you remember the anticipation and excitement that the advent of Christmas brings? Share that joy and delight with your own children this holiday season! Imagine seeing their faces light up as they experience a new surprise each day of December leading up to Christmas.

    Holiday Advent Calendar HD is a professionally hand drawn scene that starts on December 1st. Each day different holiday music plays and an ornament appears somewhere on the scene. When the ornament is tapped it fades away to reveal a new element of the pictorial story culminating in a warm, classic holiday scene on Christmas day.

    Holiday Advent Calendar HD is a great way to bring the family together and start a new annual holiday tradition. Gather together to see what new aspects of the story will be told each day.

    Use the completed artwork as part of your holiday cheer on Christmas day by displaying the scene and listening to 10 popular instrumental holiday songs.

    Enjoy what is truly important this holiday season and let Holiday Advent Calendar HD tell your family a time-honored story of childhood Christmas joy.

    Can you and your family guess what each new day in December will bring?

    Hand drawn scene created by artist Harry Lau
    New art to surprise and delight each day from December 1st to Christmas Day
    10 tracks of classic Christmas music
    Reset option so you can view each day again from December 1st
    Ability to unlock the calendar so you can enjoy it all year long
    11-09-2010 02:20 AM
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    Hi guys here is the link for the app...

    Holiday Advent Calendar HD

    11-09-2010 07:36 AM