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    1440 pretty girls and cute guys accompany you every minute!

    “People Clock” has been very popular all over Japan, Korea and China. Now this “People Reality Clock” application has arrived at Hong Kong. OneMin.HK is the first app with all one-minute-photos taken in Hong Kong. You can see the featured girls/ guys with time in this clock.

    Main Features:
    • Photo Clock. Photos are updated every minute automatically (24 hours a cycle. You will see the same photo after 24 hours)

    • Digital Clock

    • Alarm Setting. Have cuties to wake you up! (iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 only)

    • Photos Representing Hong Kong (e.g. Hong Kong news, celebrities)

    Email enquiry@zmotion.com.hk with the Subject, “Win People Reality Clock - OneMin.HK”. The earliest 40 supporters will get this app FOR FREE.

    Download “People Reality Clock - OneMin.HK” on App Store
    (USD 1.99)

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