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    Hi everyone! The brand new game Dexterity from the studio Indygandhi is finally on the App Store! Go check it out!

    How far can you go ??
    Dexterity is a game where agility and precision rule!
    The goal is simple : bring the watermelon as far as you can, taking care not to fall into a hole.
    Easy! Thats what everybody says the first time just before falling You want my advice, dont go too fast !
    Cool doodle graphics !
    Gameplay, easy as pie : Left, Right, touch to Jump and hold Left+Right to freeze the watermelon !
    Endless play time !
    o Each time a new level is generated
    o Levels are endless !
    Online scores : be the first of your friends to reach the top !
    Available in English, French, Spanish and German
    So, are you ready to push the limits ?! Your turn !!

    Available on iPhone/iPod and iPad (Universal App)
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    11-02-2010 08:39 AM