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    Are there any apps out there that allow for setting email rules and alerts?

    Mobileme has rules to move to folders, but no push notifications for those emails. Unless I am doing something wrong.

    Looking for a combination of rules to folders and different tones for each folder.
    11-01-2010 07:49 PM
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    For future reference don't post in multiple forums just ask in one and I'm sure you'll get the answer you are looking for.

    My phone is currently syncing so can't look around for you in a detailed manner but I don't believe there is any rule/alert app.

    Although if it is a gmail/exchange supporting address you can set the e-mail account up in the "Mail" app as an exchange account and you will get noise/vibration alerts as they come in but no actual notification will pop up on the screen.

    as for setting up rules I don't think there is anything that can be done maybe one of the JBers out there can help you. They don't just hang out in the JB forum so still no need to post in multiple forums
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    11-01-2010 08:05 PM