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    HI, Everybody if you try our lite version, then give stars or write a review for it.

    Then you can pm me, I'll pm you with a full version promotion code.

    Thanks for your support!

    ♌♈☯Best App☼☂★
    Tired of boring texts and emails?
    Now you can spice them up your texting with All TextPics Pro!
    ASCII art made just for iPhone texting!

    ✔ ☻♥☻ customizable ASCII art pieces
    /█\/█\to text to your friends with iPhones!
    .||. .| |. ♥

    ✔ Western style emotes for texting
    to any phone, anywhere!

    <(-'.'-)>puppy dog
    :-t pouting
    +<:-) rope

    ✔ customizable Japanese style
    emotes for texting, email, and Facebook,Twitter!
    ミ★(*^-゚)v Thanks!!★彡 
    o(^-^)o smile
    (_) sad

    ✔ Tons ☢ of ✪ fun ♬ symbols ☺ to ❤ spice♂ up ☢ any message❥!

    ✔ Create your own Text Pics and save them to your customized category and optionally email it to us, and maybe see your creation show up in a future version of All TextPics Pro!

    ✔ With iOS4, send text messages in-app, without having to leave the app!

    ✔ Share with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Tumblr, built-in Emailer!

    ✔ Copy any Text Pics or Emote to the Clipboard to use in other apps!

    ✔ New Text Pics and Emotes added every two weeks!


    Most Text Pics are only for SMS texting to other iPhones. The iPhone texting app uses a unified font, and all of our Text Pics have been painstakingly built specifically for the iPhone. Texting other phones or friends outside of your network will have unpredictable results. Emotes however can be used in a wider variety. Each category describes the possible uses, in-app.

    Most TextPics content is built for texting (SMS). You will need a 3rd party texting app to use those TextPics.

    All TextPics Pro Free contains a small subset of the hundreds of Text Pics, Emotes, and Symbols available in the full version of All TextPics Pro.

    All TextPics Pro(FREE)-Creative SMS Art for iPhone Texting for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
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