1. alenanela's Avatar
    The Crocodile is the game where you draw a word and others try to guess the word.

    If you'he ever been addicted to Charadium of We Doodle, this game for you!
    All these games make people mad. And this one isn't exeption.

    Features of this game which make it different from its competitors:

    • Players can public their pictures directly to the wall in Facebook;
    • They can share their pictures with friends in Twitter with one click;
    • They can see pictures of other players using hashtag #crocodile_game in Twitter;
    • The player who draws the word can rate other players’ suggestions with a ‘thumb up’ or ‘thumb down’ sign;
    • Other players make as many suggestions as they like in order to find the answer;
    • Оffline mode for two ways of using:
    - to draw and guess the most difficult words together with friends;
    - to have fun and master your skill in drawing any time;
    • Comparing of crocodile’s length (be cool if your crocodile is long).

    It's Free till the end of October!

    Just Try IT!
    10-27-2010 09:24 AM
  2. pearapps's Avatar
    I will download later
    10-27-2010 08:00 PM