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    EasyTrails GPS is the application for OUTDOOR EXPERIENCES that users trust. With a ton of features, the EasyTrails GPS app provides everything that outdoor enthusiasts need and want, including great trail sharing functions, MULTIMEDIA waypoints, charts, VISUAL RECORD, follow a route option, compass, real time data, and more...
    SPORTS, running and skiing are your passions and youíre always trying to beat your PERSONAL BEST. Do you want to accurately know how far, how fast and how long youíve been at it? TRACK YOUR WAY.
    With its built in GOOGLE MAPS and GOOGLE EARTH, you'll have a VISUAL RECORD of the distance you've travelled and the locations you've been to. You can get a general overview of the area or zoom in for a street view.
    Share your MULTIMEDIA WAYPOINTs with your friends: a photo of an amazing sunset, a challenging peak in Yellowstone Park or the best pubs of your city.
    SHARE the details of your best trails with friends and IMPORT theirs. You can also FOLLOW an imported trail from on-line services: a fantastic way to LEARN of some NEW AREAS around you!
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    10-27-2010 08:32 AM

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