1. MobileWoW's Avatar
    On MobileWoW:

    This app is brand new. Its been on the market ~ 1 week now (it was submitted and ready for sale 1 month ago but we withheld awaiting v1.1 update).

    Weve demoed it @ BlizzCon last weekend with great reception.

    MobileWoW turns your iPhone or iPad into a controller for World of Warcraft. It's a patent-pending technology. Users can control their World of Warcraft Avatar from their iPhone or iPad. Imagine sitting in a boring lecture hall or at work with your laptop on the desk in front of you. Place your iPhone / iPad on your lap, run the app and desktop client on your laptop atop the desk, and discreetly play WoW in full function using the ergonomic layout of MobileWoW. Be discreet. Be ergonomical. Be more productive.

    iTunes: MobileWoW for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Youtube: YouTube - MobilizardEnt's Channel

    Our Site (More info here): www.MOBILIZARD.com

    Thank you,

    Alejandro Bellini | Mobilizard Entertainment

    10-26-2010 02:36 PM
  2. debello's Avatar
    Doesn't work, well it does work if I want to get stuck running in a circle or straight ahead.

    No options to change the layout depending on type of character.

    On the Ipad, buttons are to large and layout is awful.

    Cost $14, way to much for app

    This is the type of app that makes the App store need a 24 hour return policy like the Android App Market.
    10-26-2010 05:20 PM