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    FaceSpy - A Very Discreet Spy Cam

    下載 Link: FaceSpy - A Very Discreet Spy Cam for iPhone and iPod touch (4th generation) on the iTunes App Store

    Take Photos Unnoticeably! FaceSpy is the perfect Spy Cam for the following situations:

    - Take discreet surveillance of an area.

    - When you want to secretly take a snapshot of someone's awkward behavior.

    - A thief attempts to steal someone's wallet in a bus and you want to take a photo as evidence.

    - Spy your colleagues to see if they are really working or just surfing the internet.

    - You want to take a look at the person behind you but dare not to turn your head around. (iPhone / iPod 4 required for this situation)

    - When people look at your iPhone / iPod Touch screen when you are using FaceSpy, they would think that you are just browsing Facebook, watching YouTube, looking at the App Store or Googling!

    With FaceSpy, all of the above can be done in the most discreet manner.

    <<<< --- Features ---- >>>>

    - Ten different themes to go under disguise.

    - With the Facebook theme, people would think that you are looking at friend's profiles but in fact you are spying!

    - With the YouTube theme, people would think that you are searching for funny video clips but in fact you are spying!

    - With the Google theme you know.

    - Photos taken are saved directly into the Camera Roll in full size.

    - Switch between the front and rear camera to spy behind or forward. [Front camera is only available on the iPhone 4 or 4th Generation iPod Touches.

    - Double tap the screen to toggle the menu.

    Spy cameras and spy cams make discreet investigation and security a lot easier but should only be used for lawful purposes.

    10-25-2010 11:13 PM