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    Stack songs on the fly with QuickQ. Browse your Ipod and grab the songs you want. They appear in QuickQ and play just like as a normal playlist, but with a twist. Once the song is over, it disappears, all the while keeping your normal playlists in tact. QuickQ gives you the songs you want, when you want them. Focus on what you’re doing and make the songs match.

    • Seamless integration with Ipod Touch or Iphone’s Ipod (iOS 4 tested)
    • Manage your songs in whatever order you would like. Have a specific song in mind on your QuickQ? Just grab the song and drag it to the top. It will start playing!
    • Monitor the time remaining of the song playing, as well as the overall number of songs in QuickQ
    • Great for airports, falling asleep on planes, while driving, during parties, while running, as well as countless other applications!

    John C.
    “I hate it when I am trying to fall asleep on the plane, and my mellow songs are interrupted by my Spanish instructional tapes. Now, I can fall asleep to the songs I want, without having to wake up after each one!”

    If you have any questions or feedback, please email me at srchapin@stanford.edu. This is my brother's and my first app. We appreciate any feedback
    10-25-2010 08:54 PM