1. neilf79's Avatar
    Virus Strike was released in the App Store today: Virus Strike for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

    Completely FREE for a limited time only, it is a fast-paced action puzzle game that combines elements of Tetris with Bejeweled and Flight Control.

    Virus Strike unites classic puzzle and physics-based problem solving with intuitive iPhone gaming features like touchscreen line-drawing and tilting.

    One of the game’s best features is the realistic way the viruses and antibodies obey the laws of physics – to you, the lines are mere drawings, but to them, the lines are physical barriers. For example:

    • If the line you draw is a slope, the viruses will roll down it.
    • Tilt the screen and the viruses will roll down those slopes faster.
    • Alternatively, draw a circle around the viruses and they will be trapped!

    I'd really appreciate feedback on the game, so please try it out and let me know.
    10-24-2010 10:06 AM