1. awtryau89's Avatar
    I am looking for a new twitter client. I have been using Twittelator Pro and Tweetings for a long time. The 2 biggest reasons for Twittelator is the link button in the tweet and the pic thumbnail in the tweet. I really like those features and they have made it my favorite. I used Tweetings for native push. It was a good client but has had major crash issues for me and is slow. It doesn't offer the 2 features above either. I can use Boxcar so the push issue is not a big deal. One of the big reasons I liked Tweetings was the 'More" button. Let me explain. When I would not check twitter for a half day, I would have 400-500 tweets or more to go through. Tweetings had a gap area I could touch and it would load all my missed tweets since the last time I logged on. Twittelator does not have this and I miss tweets all the time. Recently Tweetings has stopped loading more than 100 tweets and it gets annoying having to scroll and load 4-5 times.

    So what I am looking for is a client with live links, thumbnails, boxcar or native push and one that will load all my missed tweets. I am trying Osfoora right now and like it. It has 2/4 and I am asking for the live links and thumbnails from the developer. Who knows if they will do it. My hope is some of the fine members on here will help with their experiences. I read the Twitter review Alli and Leanna posted but I did not see what I wanted in those clients. They may have just not mentioned it since their reviews were abbreviated. Thanks in advance.
    10-20-2010 04:41 PM
  2. Slyfi's Avatar
    i use EchoFon Pro and I have used HootSuite in the past and Osfoora seems great
    10-20-2010 05:15 PM
  3. Fausty82's Avatar
    i use EchoFon Pro and I have used HootSuite in the past and Osfoora seems great
    I'm a huge fan of Osfoora... been using it for about 5 months now.
    10-20-2010 05:52 PM
  4. Smlk's Avatar
    Osfoora is great. I like it better than the others.
    10-20-2010 06:43 PM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    I have been using Osfoora exclusively for months now. Love it, love it, love it. I just got Hoot Suite (since it was offered free), and it's...ok.
    10-20-2010 09:47 PM
  6. Slyfi's Avatar
    ^^^ my feelings for hootsuite also
    10-20-2010 09:51 PM
  7. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    Tweet Deck or perhaps the official twitter client?
    10-20-2010 10:35 PM
  8. awtryau89's Avatar
    Well I have tried a bunch of free versions tonight and nothing can touch Twittelator IMO. I got Osfoora a while back when it was free. I don't see where are the love is coming from. Its just okay but offers so much less than Twittelator. I have to figure out the "More" bar on Twittelator. It used to come up every time I opened the app and more than 200 tweets had to be loaded since I last checked. Now with the multi-tasking, I think its just does not work as it should. If they can get that fixed, it will do everything I want. The killer features are the live links, thumbnails and tap scrolling. I am in twitter a good bit and just like those conveniences. I also downloaded Simply Tweet and its a good app as well. Better than Osfoora IMO.
    10-20-2010 10:56 PM
  9. MaggieB's Avatar
    I don't think any of those mentioned can beat the official Twitter app by Twitter, Inc.
    10-20-2010 11:18 PM
  10. juched's Avatar
    Coming from a blackberry I miss socialscope where my Facebook and twitter could mix together. The latest version even would mix into the unified inbox. Any chance an iPhone client could do that?
    10-21-2010 12:02 AM
  11. devonair's Avatar
    I've been using Twitbit Pro for months now, and love it's push notifications (and ability to choose different notifications for separate Twitter accounts). I gives me live links and thumbnails, too. I would definitely recommend it. The only feature I wish it would borrow from other clients is "pull to refresh" like the official Twitter app and Facebook.
    10-22-2010 07:05 PM
  12. jhamilton3's Avatar
    Twitter for iPhone has the least amount of problems in my experience..
    10-23-2010 12:18 PM
  13. awtryau89's Avatar
    Guys thanks for all the replies. I am sticking with Twittelator. Its just too good. I have expressed to Andrew Stone the need for better gap detection. IMO, Tweetings has the best gap detection on the clients I have used. Hopefully he will implement because the more button and having to scroll to the bottom just in not optimal. Other than that issue, there is just not much Twittelator can be faulted for.
    10-24-2010 05:24 PM
  14. andrewp23's Avatar
    try twitbird pro has a lot of extra features that most twitter clients dont have give it a try
    12-22-2010 03:33 PM
  15. Exechobo's Avatar
    My testing of five or six free clients ended up with me using Tweetdeck, which was narrowly better than Seesmic. For simple, Echofon is slightly better than the Twitter app, and for the exotic, Twitbird was cool. I keep a couple at a time and move between them. The interface is as important as anything once I am satisfied I can use all the functions I like. Things like lists, search and DM are easier in some than others.
    12-23-2010 07:22 PM
  16. mishie's Avatar
    I use tweetdeck and twitter for iphone, I prefer simplicity of twitter for iPhone app to be honest
    12-26-2010 11:30 PM
  17. sucram6791#IM's Avatar
    twitter, echofon, and tweetdeck are all great twitter apps
    12-27-2010 02:10 AM
  18. itsdrewbruv's Avatar
    Twitter is a gr8 app for the iPhone
    12-29-2010 11:12 AM
  19. Pete Sake's Avatar
    I use Echofon's Twitter App. its free and has a better UI in my opinion
    12-29-2010 12:30 PM
  20. iRandom's Avatar
    Twitter has their own official app, and I personally like it. Have you tried that one yet?
    12-29-2010 03:46 PM
  21. robertk328's Avatar
    Have tried a bunch and keep going back to twittelator pro.
    01-02-2011 08:35 AM
  22. vietalogy's Avatar
    I use tweetings.

    iPhone Tapatalk
    01-02-2011 09:30 AM
  23. jhamilton3's Avatar
    Check out UberSocial .. missing a few features but overall a great experience and something refreshing from the lack of recent *new* twitter apps.
    01-05-2011 04:46 PM
  24. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    The only twitter app I have on my iPhone and my iPad is TwitBird Pro. It's the best one IMHO, and I have about 30 of them.
    01-06-2011 06:03 AM
  25. Alli's Avatar
    It must have improved vastly from the last time I tried it. I'm still using Osfoora exclusively.
    01-06-2011 11:18 AM
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