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    New version of CuteTag has been approved by Apple and now available through the iTunes.

    It includes:

    - some new look-and-feel adjustments;
    - German and russian localization;
    - iPhone 4 adjustments.

    Unfortunately we had to remove our AES 256 encryption again because, after a long communication with Apple, it becomes clear that we do need export regulation agreement, which is going to be a long story... So we have decided to give it up for iPhone version but include it in our Win 7 and Android versions.

    Brief info:
    CuteTag is a note/phone/voice-taking and thought-organizer application. Our main difference from other note-capturing software is an emphasize on convenient browsing and search of what has been captured.

    Yep, it is a good idea to have lots of notes and pictures available from anywhere but when we need to find something it often happens that it is even hard to recall the exact wording, so the full search does not help. Sometimes we only remember that is was in London or Prague or it was a year ago or he was your friend who lives in Florida... CuteTag is about to help you on that matter.

    P.S. And CuteTag does not require the permanent Internet connection.
    10-20-2010 08:25 AM

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