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    Ballywoo - The Game Sensation of 1932

    Ballywoo recreates one of the first commercial, mass-produced pinball machines ever made. That machine launched the long-lasting career of Ray Moloney's Bally Manufacturing Corporation.

    Move back to the year 1932 and feel the history.

    (This is a more evolved version than the one we've released for iPad.)

    Available on the AppStore now!

    10-16-2010 04:34 AM
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    Here's a little video of Ballywoo:

    10-20-2010 10:56 AM
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    Ballywoo - The Game Sensation of 1932 is free till Sunday!

    Donwload it now before it's too late!
    10-20-2010 11:45 AM
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    Slide to Play gave Ballywoo 3/4 in its recent review!

    Read the review here: Ballywoo - The Game Sensation of 1932 Review at Slide To Play
    10-22-2010 02:09 AM
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    Please remember that this is the last day when the game is still free!
    10-23-2010 09:30 AM
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    There was a crashing issue with the game when played on earlier iOS version that the latest 4.1.

    The issue has now been fixed! Thanks for your patience!
    10-31-2010 03:47 AM
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    The Portable Gamer reviewed Ballywoo.

    Read the review: http://theportablegamer.com/2010/11/...ensation-1932/
    11-04-2010 08:45 AM
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    ...and Daily App Show made a nice video review of the game:

    Ballywoo | Daily App Show - Video App Reviews for iPhone and iPod Touch Users
    11-06-2010 04:47 AM
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    01-08-2011 04:21 AM