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    Hello all, and thanks for looking!

    Fast, frantic, save-the-earth-from-horrific-doom-by-asteroids fun, with "Targeting Equations" that make math actually interesting! Well, okay- you aren't going to choose this over "Super Shoot 'em Up Deluxe With Extra Frys", but when you have some down time, and feel like refreshing the 'ol brain, it's a great way to enjoy yourself and feel good about sharpening math skills simultaneously.

    Of course, the main focus of "2012: Earth Defense" is for children to learn math without the mind-numbing horror of dog-eared textbooks from 1912, which it ought to really help with (the learning, not the mind numbing!). However, it can be just as engaging and productive for adults!

    *hint: skip straight to the good stuff and play the online version at:
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    Direct App Store link:
    2012: Earth Defense for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    App Store Description:
    2012: Earth Defense
    Simple, fast, fun- It's 2012, and Earth is being stormed by waves of killer asteroids. What else did you expect? It's up to you to defend our planet, and all life on it, with your trustyerorbital space missile defense platformthingy. Bah, shoot them durn asteroids, and stop asking questions!

    Just one caveat folks- you ARE required to use your brain for this one! To fire a missile, you have to solve the targeting equation each time you target an asteroid. But you can handle that, right? Hey, if you cant, then use this app to train your math skills till you CAN!

    Think you are good, great, possibly the best? Play online to compete for the Global High Score, and show the world that you arent afraid to go outside without a calculator.

    Well, what are you doing? The Earth wont save itself! Go to it!

    Features Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Exponential math game modes. For all the (good!) brain-pain and frantic fun you can stand, look no further than 2012: Earth Defense!

    Again, thanks for looking, if you like the online version, please support an indy developer (ME!) by buying and rating via the App Store! I would also appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, etc.

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    10-13-2010 11:28 AM
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    I'll be giving it a try, but will have to wait til I get home due to it being more than 20MB.
    10-13-2010 04:19 PM
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    Thanks rliebert! Yep, I need to fix that- uploaded it was 13.6mb, then 22.6mb on the app store. Arg.

    Hope you like it!
    10-13-2010 05:41 PM