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    MyMall App is one of the useful apps that I have installed into my iphone. Why I say is one of the useful apps that I have installed into my iphone? It is because every weekend, I like to go to the shopping mall that I like to shop to look around and see go what promotion or got what event is upcoming. Sometime, when I know got the event, the event already finish. But now, after I install MyMall Apps, it will provided me the latest news on ongoing and upcoming as well as promotions happening, it help me keep in touch with the latest information that happen in the mall that I like to shop.

    MyMall Apps also made my shopping life easier, it is because MyMall Apps will navigate on every shopping mall floor plan and it also gives me brief information, their business hours, contact, phone number, website, e-mail and exact location on selected shop and mall. MyMall also included stores and restaurants phone numbers for any enquire about products or to reservations. It can also help me find the shop that I want; it can search the shop that inside the mall and also can finds the shop by category.

    I also will receive e-coupons which they can redeem at selected shops by MyMall; this also let me save more money on shopping. I also can check the information that the mall that I want in anywhere at any time, this help me save many time and can plan the trip before I go shopping.

    You can download MyMall Here Free:
    go google search "convep".
    10-08-2010 12:03 AM