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    Glow Fish Farm.

    You are in charge of discovering, catching and growing your assortments of
    amazing glowing neon fishes in your own Fish Farm. You will need to nurture
    and grow your fishes by feeding them in order to sell them.

    The object of this game is to capture the assortments of glowing fishes, feed
    and grow them and then sell the fishes to buy more equipment to dive deeper
    into the ocean to discover and capture more fishes for even more profit. The
    deeper you go, the more assortment of fishes you will encounter and be able to
    catch. You start by only being able to swim to a certain depth level with a
    small selection of different fishes. As you make more money from selling your
    fish, you will be able to buy more fish food, better diving suits, and other
    equipment to be able to go deeper into the ocean to discover more amazing
    glowing fishes.

    You must care for your fishes, feed them and help them grow. Keep growing your
    fish farm and your profits!

    When you return to the game, it gives you a choice to continue the game or
    start a new one.

    Here are some features of this game:

    Fishes glow in amazing neon colors
    Over 40 amazing assortments of fishes
    What is meant by " 3 level fish evolution system exclude small fish"?
    Different types of diving suites and equipments to purchase to dive deeper and

    Enjoy the amazing Glowing Fishes!

    For more games please visit njoyenter.com
    10-06-2010 01:47 AM
  2. mylilredhat's Avatar
    I love Njoy's game!!
    Will try it if the price is right.
    10-24-2010 01:31 AM

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