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    If you want to go shopping and have an application in your iPhone to create a grocery list, which is not only comfortable for users, but especially graphically good looking, you should look forward to September when an application called Taplist will be available in App Store.

    By means of hand drawn icons, products are logically arranged in categories corresponding with individual departments in traditional supermarkets. The grocery list you create will keep the same graphic arrangement. The extensive range of products makes it possible to go through the supermarket virtually and make a list of products you miss at home. With each item selected for your grocery list, you can enter an amount or the respective unit of mass.

    Why we think our app is better then the others?

    - we tried to make it really simple.
    - we tried to make it great graphically looking.
    - you can reorder commodities to fit your store layout.
    - it comes with set of common stuff people shop for translated to 7 world languages (500-600 items each)

    You can see our webpage Taplist - different from other grocery lists

    iTunes Link: Taplist Shopping List

    App costs: 2 USD
    10-05-2010 04:41 AM

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