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    Scare and amaze your friends with this spooky and fun photo app for iPhone and iPod touch. With blood-curdling fonts and spine-chilling sound effects, GhostWriter reveals hidden ghostly messages in your pictures. For Halloween 2010, GhostWriter has been updated with more great features and is spookier than ever. Now you can have even more ghostly fun with your iOS device this Halloween.

    Enter at Your Own Risk!
    GhostWriter is a Halloween themed photo app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Choose a picture from your photo library, or if you’ve got an iPhone or a new 4th generation iPod touch, take one with the built-in camera and prepare to be amazed and scared out of your socks!

    After a few seconds, as if by some mysterious and possibly diabolical force, a ghastly message is revealed, its appearance heralded by demonically supernatural sound effects.

    Not sufficiently scary for you? Edit the message. Then share it with your friends via email or save it to your photo library.

    Ghoulish Effects!
    GhostWriter’s ghoulish effects are sure to send shivers down the spine of the hardiest souls. Diabolical Light fills your picture with a devilish orange glow and makes it look as if lit by the fires of Hades itself.

    Blood-Curdling Fonts!
    If the concept of a font being terrifying strikes you as frankly absurd, then you haven’t met Blood Writ, or Angered Spirit yet. GhostWriter’s two custom fonts are not the sorts of glyphs you want to bump into on a dark and stormy night. On the other hand, if it’s messages from the world beyond you’re after, these are just the companions you want.

    GhostWriter works with iPhone and iPod touch, iOS 3.1 or above required. An iPhone or iPod touch (4th generation) is required to take pictures with GhostWriter.

    GhostWriter is available now on the App Store, US pricing 99c.
    Get GhostWriter on the App Store.

    If you dare, find out more about GhostWriter at the Cute Logic website.


    Use of GhostWriter is at your own risk. Cute Logic accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any injury, death or other misfortune occasioned as a consequence of the use of GhostWriter including, but not limited to, possession by demons, spirits, greyfolk, incubi or succubi, nymphs, sprites or other supernatural beings . People of a nervous disposition should walk away now. You have been warned!

    Legal Stuff:
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