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    I have a number of apps that I have been waiting to review, but limited time has prevented me from writing up lengthy reviews. As such, over the next few days, I will be posting some "review" blitzes. Short, to the point reviews of some apps, so people can see if the apps are something they might want to try. I will be happy to answer any questions people may have about the apps, so if you have a comment or question, go ahead and respond in the thread! I will also be doing this on the iPhone apps forum.

    The Review Blitz contains Modern Conflict and Touch LCD Designer Speaking Clock

    Modern Conflict, by Clickgamer.com
    $2.99, ****


    Fun, galcon style game
    Multiple modes, enemies, playing options


    No multiplayer
    When you are about to die, the game makes it too easy

    Modern Conflict HD is a fun, Galcon style game. In this game, you have multiple bases (for tanks or helicopters) and you use your bases to attack the enemy. With a well developed tutorial mode to guide you through the game basics, this is a fun game to play that actually required some strategy at times. The graphics are very nice, with crisp, clean images. Nothing absolutely stunning, but more than suitable for the game design. There are a variety of game modes, such as campaign and survival mode, and in each of them you can choose your army as well as the difficulty level. The strategy comes in to play when you are choosing where to attack, because there are limited linkage lines between certain bases.

    One things I didnt like about the game (at least on the difficulty level I was playing) was that when I was about to die, the game gave me some sort of boost napalm attack wiping out half the enemy, reinforcements coming in tripling my army size, that sort of thing. I prefer to just lose the battle and then try again. In addition, there is no multiplayer in a game the SCREAMS play against your friend. But all together, this is a fun game that I have enjoyed playing multiple times. I recommend you give it a try. Four out of five stars.

    Touch LCD Designer Speaking Clock, by Light Pillar (universal binary)
    $1.99, ****


    Exactly what is says it is
    Easy to use and adjust


    Limited adjustable settings

    Touch LCD Designer Speaker Clock is exactly what it says it is an app that looks like an LCD clock, but speaks when you touch it. Touch LCD interface is nice an simple. The screen is divided into three sections the top is for things like alarm and world time, the bottom is for the date, and the middle is for the clock function. The clock functions includes a stopwatch, a countdown mode, and then two clock modes. The main feature of this app, however, is that if you touch itanywhereit will tell you the time. In fact, when you touch it, you get a nice little indent image as if you were pushing on a real LCD screen. There are easy to use adjustable settings, like the LCD color , although I would have liked a few more options (like changing the voice, or changing the clock style). All in all, however, this app is a nice little clock option if you want something beyond the clock in the iPhone (or to make up for no clock on the iPad). To make things even nicer, it is a universal binary, so you can use it for either device! Four out of five stars.
    09-30-2010 04:57 PM