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    I have a number of apps that I have been waiting to review, but limited time has prevented me from writing up lengthy reviews. As such, over the next few days, I will be posting some "review" blitzes. Short, to the point reviews of some apps, so people can see if the apps are something they might want to try. I will be happy to answer any questions people may have about the apps, so if you have a comment or question, go ahead and respond in the thread! I will also be doing this on the iPad apps forum.

    This review blitz includes Tweet Defense, Gas Cubby

    Tweet Defense, by Promethium Marketing
    $2.99, ***


    Simple tower defense game
    Tries to incorporate twitter stats


    Graphics and game play not example impressive

    I just reviewed the iPad version of this game (Tweet Defense HD) and many of my comments for the iPad version also hold true for this version. Tweet Defense is a tower defense game that uses you social networking (Twitter) stats to bolster you game play. The more tweets you have, or the more followers you have, the stronger your towers are. The graphics are nice, but once you actually start playing the game, the graphics seems a little lack luster (most of the design budget was probably spent of simply getting nice transition graphics). The game play is rathersimplistic, and I cant really get past the odd costs associated with some towers. I didnt seem to experience the same glitches when resuming a game in progress, however. It seemed like a quickly put together game, and given the premise I would have liked to have seen more aspects of twitter incorporated into the game. However, this version is only $2.99, and that extra $5 you save (for basically the same game) can go a long way. So while the game is almost identical, I give the iPhone version three four of four stars, simply for being cheaper.

    Gas Cubby
    $4.99, ****


    Loads of information and detail
    Nice summary graphs and tables of data


    Information can bedaunting to enter
    Not as high an ease of use as some apps

    Gas Cubby is a car long that you can use to track mileage, gas purchases, car servicesjust about everything you do with your car. I have used apps like this way back since my Palm Pro days to track my car expenses. Gas Cubby stands apart from the competition somewhat because of the plethora of data that it allows you to include. Other apps are aimed at the quick and easy route Gas Cubby seems to go with the you cant have too much information. This includes both when entering your vehicle data, and also entering the data regarding your expenditures. In general I like having more data as an option, but Gas Cubby just struck me assomewhat cluttered. While I cant say it was difficult to enter purchases, for some reason it SEEMED difficult. This could be simply because it didnt have sliders, tumblers, or other visually appealing methods of data entry. I liked the options for displaying the data or a table or graphical format, and overall the app seemed very promising. It was simply the appearance of typing-heavy data entry that made it seem like it wasnt as easy to use as some other apps. It was also a little more expensive than some of the other apps. Still, it was a nice app to use, so I give it four out of five stars.
    09-30-2010 04:46 PM