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    I have a number of apps that I have been waiting to review, but limited time has prevented me from writing up lengthy reviews. As such, over the next few days, I will be posting some "review" blitzes. Short, to the point reviews of some apps, so people can see if the apps are something they might want to try. I will be happy to answer any questions people may have about the apps, so if you have a comment or question, go ahead and respond in the thread! I will also be doing this on the iPad apps forum.

    This review blitz includes Sword and Poker (1 & 2), Touch LCD Designer Speaking Clock

    Sword & Poker 1, 2, by Gaia
    $2.99, $3.99 ****1/2


    Old school game design
    Interesting game play


    Not really anything significant

    I had purchased Sword and Poker to review, and while I was looking over it, Sword and Poker 2 came out, so I decided to combine them in one review. Both of the games sort of are based on a old school theme of exploration the graphics sort of remind of a SNES game. Your goal is to travel around the world exploring different dungeon floors. As you travel, you encounter various opponents, and it is your job to remove them. This is where things get, well, odd.

    Instead of hacking your opponent to death, and blasting them with magic spellsyou sit down and play cards. Sort of. You play on an open field, each person laying down two cards at a time on an open grid (with some cards in the middle). Depending on what kind of five card hand you make (five cards in a row) you then deal damage or take damage. Now, rather than collect vorpal swords to do more damange, you can find equipment (and weapons) that increase the potency of your various poker hand (a sword, for example, the increases the damage a straight does!).

    The primary differences between version 1 and 2 are that version 2 is a little more refined. BTW, there is a multiplayer mode as well! It has a better storyline, more monsters, but the overall game play is the same. The game is fun to play, and a great twist on the classic RPG style game. There is strategy involved with choosing your equipment (should I choose a sword that does more damage with a pair, but less with three of a kind?) as well as playing your cards (setting yourself up for larger point hands down the road). Its a fun game that I have yet to grow tired of. I do wish the graphics were a LITTLE more sophisticated, but we cant have everything. Four and a half out of five stars.

    Touch LCD Designer Speaking Clock, by Light Pillar (universal binary)
    $1.99, ****


    Exactly what is says it is
    Easy to use and adjust

    Limited adjustable settings

    Touch LCD Designer Speaker Clock is exactly what it says it is an app that looks like an LCD clock, but speaks when you touch it. Touch LCD interface is nice an simple. The screen is divided into three sections the top is for things like alarm and world time, the bottom is for the date, and the middle is for the clock function. The clock functions includes a stopwatch, a countdown mode, and then two clock modes. The main feature of this app, however, is that if you touch itanywhereit will tell you the time. In fact, when you touch it, you get a nice little indent image as if you were pushing on a real LCD screen. There are easy to use adjustable settings, like the LCD color , although I would have liked a few more options (like changing the voice, or changing the clock style). All in all, however, this app is a nice little clock option if you want something beyond the clock in the iPhone (or to make up for no clock on the iPad). To make things even nicer, it is a universal binary, so you can use it for either device! Four out of five stars.
    09-30-2010 04:40 PM
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    It was really sad to realize S&P 2 was pulled from the app store, but gladly it's back again
    06-01-2011 01:35 AM
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    Looks great~
    06-10-2011 06:56 AM
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    Yeah, looks really great and interesting too.
    11-17-2011 05:54 AM
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    this game looks like interesting
    11-17-2011 11:51 AM
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    Definitely worth checking out, thanks!
    11-30-2011 07:13 PM