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    Hey guys,

    Joystick Ninjas are happy to announce our newest puzzle game Rever! It is scheduled for release next Friday, on October 8th. Rever is unique and innovative puzzle game, where your goal is to balance the white and black worlds by strategically placing figures. It features 3 different gameplay modes, supports online Hi-Scores and achievements! Check out the game page for more information and screenshots: Rever Joystick Ninjas

    As always we're planning to give out a bunch of free copies after the launch of the game, so keep an eye over our site, Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. (Links bellow).

    Here's a couple screenshots (more on the web site):

    Game features:

    * Unique and addictive puzzle game.
    * 3 different fun play modes.
    * Increasing difficulty to keep you challenged.
    * Simple yet entertaining and addictive gameplay.
    * Online Hi-Scores and achievements.
    * OpenFeint support.

    Starting price for a limited time will be only 0.99$, so be sure to grab it! Spread the word, and have fun when its out. :-)
    09-30-2010 08:57 AM