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    Hi all...

    Letterful is a new app based on a game called “take two” (sometimes “Go Scrabble”). If you have a spare moment, take a quick look and let me know how you feel about it!

    What the heck’s it all about then? The gist is this: everyone’s got letters, they’re sitting in your rack and they’re getting impatient! Use them up before they vanish into thin air - and before your opponents use theirs first. First one to use a rackful forces *all* players to “take two” more. That means skilled players can create havoc for the rest: their opponents will end up with twenty or more letters sitting around unused, and those are penalized at the end of the game. Letters can be rearranged whenever you like - there’s no fixed “board” and no special squares, although long words are rewarded with huge bonuses...

    You can play against a tough computer opponent (it’s got a 200,000-word dictionary built right in) or in multiplayer mode against other friends with iDevices! It’s very simple to set up, and there are “chat” and “peek” features for exchanging tips/puns/flirting etc.

    I’ve kept the controls really simple and the interface is really clean and (I like to think) kinda purty - and of course there are hi-def graphics for Retina displays too =).

    The game is priced $1.99, but whoever sees this first can use this promotional code: AJ4J4J37JJAA (there's another one in the iPad forum!).

    More info at letterful.com, or a quick googlin' will reveal the iTunes link and a gameplay video on YouTube.

    Thanks all!

    09-29-2010 10:28 AM